Nick Appleby
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About Nick Appleby

Nick Appleby was born in Northumberland, England. He started working with graphics in high school, making cassette covers and posters for various musical bands he was involved with. In the early 90s he got his hands on an Apple Macintosh Plus, and has been working with computers and computer graphics ever since. In 1993 he joined Strategic Communications, a management consulting company specializing in business communications; at StratComm Nick learned how to create informative and meaningful business graphics, as well as becoming skilled in the use of graphic editing and page layout software. He learned HTMl programming in order to build the company's website, and designed and produced all their printed materials, including a hardcover book on communications. After leaving Strategic Communications, Nick worked for a while for the CD label producer Neato, where he learned ASP and PHP programming. Since 2001 Nick has worked as a Programmer/Analyst and Web Designer for Yale University, where he has created dozens of HTML and Drupal-based websites, and many ASP-based web applications. In his free time Nick runs a small project music studio, where he has recorded and produced a number of albums for various musical artists. His interests include music, photography, drone building, 3D printing, and sci-fi/fantasy literature.